FAQ: Corona restrictions at Experimentarium

Experimentarium opens again 21 January 2022. Read the answers to some frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and Experimentarium.

When will Experimentarium reopen?

We will re-open 21 January 2022.

Is it mandatory to show a corona pass or corona test to visit the museum shop?

You have to show a corona pass or a valid corona test to visit the museum shop. If you have any symptoms, please stay at home.

Should I wear a facemask?

Yes. Due to the current COVID-regulations you do have to wear a face mask or visir if you are older than 12.

Are sanitizer dispensers available?


I have an annual pass – how will we be compensated?

You will be compensated for the days we are closed. Should the validity of your annual pass run out during the period we are closed, we will compensate you for the days your card was valid. All you need to do is to show up personally in our ticket office when we re-open and ask for the compensation. Please note that we begin the compensation period immediately on the day we re-open.

Are the exhibitions open?

YES! All exhibitions are open from 21 January.

Can we visit school workshops, demonstrations and shows?


Is the Eatery SMASK open?

Yes. However, SMASK is closed at the re-opening date 21 January.

How do I behave, if I feel sick?

You should stay home. And if your are already here to visit our museum shop, please go home at once.