Photo: David Trood.

The Beach

In a sea of real experiments visitors experience the physical and chemical properties of water. Water’s properties become relevant because the exhibits are brought together by a framework that everyone can relate to – the beach. The beach is a playground that requires a knowledge about water safety and a place where the large forces of nature leave their imprint.

The Beach

  • An exhibition area that creates synergy between all the exhibits.
  • Developed together with the technological expertise of Science Projects.
  • Targets all ages.

Buoyancy Man

Buoyancy-bodyThis exhibit shows two ever-present natural phenomena: water’s buoyancy and the earth’s gravity.

A doll of adult size and weight, constructed out of HDPE plastic, floats in a water-filled tank. The visitor can pull a rope that is attached to the doll. The more the doll’s body is lifted out of from water’s surface, the heavier the doll becomes.

The water’s buoyancy is no longer exerting force as the earth’s gravity takes over.


We have added a new wow-effect to a science centre classic by constructing a figure-8 track, where the water counter-intuitively crosses over and under itself.

With the help of one of the locks, visitors can hoist the ship up and transport it over the lower water-track. Then they can hoist it back down and transport it under the upper part of the watertrack.

The ocean forms the coastline

This exhibit is an open experiment on erosion where visitors can experience the forces of the ocean.

The-ocean-forms-the-coastlineA wave machine constructed with compressed air and a timer sends small and large waves up onto a bed of sand. There are small houses that visitors can place on the beach and then build dykes around to protect them against erosion.

Visitors can identify with this scenario making this exhibit a highly relevant comment on the challenges related to coastal protection that many areas face.



  • Wind, rain & fog around the ship
  • Buoyancy – Safety
  • Buoyancy – Body
  • Cold water quiz
  • Cold hands
  • Streamline or not
  • Garbage in the ocean
  • Who am I?
  • The Pump game
  • 2 x Vortex
  • Bubbles & Clam
  • Bubbles & Jellyfish
  • Bubbles
  • Locks
  • Wind dome
  • Boat race
  • Sandcastle
  • Dams
  • Turbine & gates
  • Duck race
  • Ball vortex
  • Playboat
  • Wave tank
  • River bed
  • Wave tops
  • Rip current
  • Submarine – explore animals in the Danish costal water
  • Pressure fountain
  • Sounds map
  • Make sounds
  • The 5 bathing advice – a Quiz
  • Chinese bowl
  • Ocean currents
  • Air in a disk
  • Surface tension
  • Water Polarity


  • Age: 3+
  • Subject: Physics
  • Area: 550 m2