Photo: David Trood.

Be Seen, Be Safe

Why it can be difficult to be seen in traffic: Two exhibits on visibility and on traffic safety. They focus on the connection between sight, the ability to react, light and colour. It becomes apparent that bright colours and reflectors are crucial if you want to be seen, when there are poor lighting conditions.

Be Seen, Be Safe

  • Two experiments resembling life in traffic.
  • Can be part of many exhibition areas: for example a brain exhibition, an exhibition on traffic or on light.

Obstacles on the road

Obstacles on the road.

Obstacles on the road.

In a real car that has been in a genuine crash, equipped with a computer simulator, the visitor can experience a ride through a twisted country road with oncoming traffic, dazzling lights, noise from an annoying cell phone and the radio broadcasting traffic news.

You must avoid hitting the vulnerable pedestrians. The visitor controls the steering wheel, but not the speed. The vulnerable pedestrians are wearing different clothes so the visitor can experience how difficult it can be to spot a person wearing dark clothes.

The dark corridor

“The dark corridor” is a real experiment with two dolls in a corridor without any lighs. The smallest doll, which is at the back, is dressed in a light jacket with reflective edges and a helmet. The biggest doll, which is in the front is dressed in dark clothes. From the entrance, where the visitor has not yet become used to the dark, the corridor looks black. After a few moments, the visitor can make out the light figure, but not the dark one.

The visitor can explore the slightly spooky setting and will discover the dark figure and the figure’s bloody wounds. Alternatively, the visitor can push a button and turn the light on for a short moment to get a brief impression.



  • Age: 6+
  • Subject: Physics
  • Area: 30 m2


  • Obstacles on the road
  • The dark corridor
The dark corridor.

The dark corridor.