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Fuzzy bubbly science

Explore the science shows at Experimentarium

The Experimentarium science shows teach you about science the fun way. See our pilots perform crazy bubble tricks and amazing physics and chemistry experiments.

The Experimentarium science show

Carbide, flasks and nitrogen: The Experimentarium Science Show is a cornucopia of fun, fascinating and instructive chemistry and physics experiments.

It’s a show for all the senses when our pilots make the stage rattle with exploding hydrogen, carbide, monochrome light, liquid nitrogen, plasma lamps and a huge cloud enveloping the whole stage.

In other words: Discover science that rocks!

The Experimentarium Bubble Show

Science and wild bubbles: In the outrageous Bubble Show, our pilots offer amazing experiences involving gigantic, beautiful and wild soap bubbles.

The mission behind the great Experimentarium Bubble Show is simply to create larger, more beautiful and wilder soap bubbles.

After the show, bubble on in the Experimentarium soap bubble area – the Bubblearium.

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