Get close to sci ence

Science demos at Experimentarium

Get really close to science - feel, smell and hear it!

From magnetism to offshore wind farms

The Experimentarium demonstration “From magnetism to offshore wind farms” teaches you about the link between magnetism and electricity. Our exhibition pilots will lead you on a journey back in time.

Watch the light like never before when our pilots demonstrate electromagnetism and recreate Danish scientist Hans Christian Ørsted’s ground-breaking experiments which helped pave the way for modern science.

Oil on fire

Watch the fire at close quarters in this demonstration, in which our exhibition pilots demonstrate the elements required for fire to occur. Can butter catch fire? And what is important when making a bonfire? Receive answers to all your burning questions in the Oil on Fire demonstration.

An eye for detail

See for yourself when our exhibition pilots dissect a cow’s eye and talk about the anatomy and wondrous properties of the eye.

Listen, watch and touch – and learn more about the amazing organ – the eye.

CO2 and the greenhouse effect

Everybody talks about CO2, however what exactly is CO2? What is it used for, how is it formed, and how does CO2 contribute to the greenhouse effect?

These are the themes of the CO2 demonstration, in which  Experimentarium’s exhibition pilots talk about CO2 and demonstrate the impact of the greenhouse effect on our daily lives.

Dissection of the digestive system

What happens to the food you eat? In this demonstration,  Experimentarium’s exhibition pilots will guide you on the journey of a sandwich through the body by dissecting an entire digestive system.

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