Foto: David Trood

Photo: David Trood.


In the Bubblearium visitors can experience the fascinating science behind soap bubbles, while they make and play with soap bubbles of all sizes. The exhibition’s rounded walls are lined with LED lights that are controlled individually to play a film with floating soap bubbles.


  • An aesthetic exhibition that unites science and art.
  • A playful way to engage with science that excites and involves all ages.
  • Can easily be adapted to a variety of different environments.

The soap bubble tanks have an overflow system

Several of the exhibition’s exhibits make use of our newly invented overflow system; just as in an infinity pool, the excess foam in the soap bubble water is led away, making it easier to make bubbles. The overflow tanks are used for several of the , where the round tank is placed in the middle of the round tables. To make soap bubbles, you can use the homemade, whimsical soap-bubble-tools hanging on the ‘tool-wall’ in the exhibition.

Look at yourself in the soap bubble

A soap bubble reflects its surroundings and is therefore a sort of a floating mirror. In the exhibition visitors can learn more about soap bubbles and, for example, see themselves upside down in the bubble and realize why special surfaces can mirror their surroundings.

Look at the soap bubbles colours

The exhibit is centered around a light table, which enables visitors to experience a soap bubble’s colours. The light table is designed to light up the soap bubbles with different colours of light. This makes it possible to see what happens as the liquid in the bubble evaporates and moves.


  • Age: 6+
  • Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Math
  • Area: 100 m2


  • Look at yourself in the soap bubble
  • Look at the soap bubble’s colours
  • Watch the patterns in the soap wall
  • Get inside a soap bubble
  • Make bubbles with your hands
Bobleriet. Foto: David Trood.

Photo: David Trood.