Photo: David Trood.

Circus Physicus

A playful phenomena area, that gives the visitor insight into physical and technical phenomena. Engage in hands-on and full-body learning experiences about rotations, gears and power transmission with fun and surprising exhibits.

Circus Physicus

  • Intuitive exhibits on fascinating physical phenomena
  • An exhibition for all ages
  • Real phenomena related to everyday life

The cogwheels

A dozen cogwheels on a metal plate give the visitor an intuitive understanding of power transmission. The visitor pushes the cogwheels together in one of many combinations. Then all the cogwheels can be set in motion, simply by turning one of them. Which cogs will turn clockwise and which will turn counter-clockwise?

Play with rotation

A fast rotating table top allows the visitor to play with different rings’ (opposing) movement. This is similar to what you might see in performing acts at the circus where the rings are placed inside other rings, resulting in surprising movements.

Play with forces of air

Visitors have to keep a ball suspended in the air with the help of a stream of air. The exhibit is designed as a game in which the stream of air must lead the ball through a metal loop, to be become overtaken by the other player’s air stream. Knowledge of how air flows around round objects is useful when you need to calculate the wind force on masts, oilrigs, and round buildings.



  • Horisontal beam
  • Can you lift a heavy bag?
  • Cog wheel and pulleys
  • The medevial clock
  • Chaotic pendula
  • Play with the powers of the air
  • Gyro wheel
  • Play with rotation
  • Scream-o-meter
  • Gyro suitcase
  • Fakir bed


  • Age: 8+
  • Subject: Physics
  • Area: 200 m2
Play with rotation.

Play with rotation.


Play with forces of air.