Photo: David Trood

House of Inventions

All inventions stand on the shoulders of other inventions – which might surprise visitors who only connect technology with present day digital inventions. The exhibition illustrates how a wide range of inventions was created.

House of Inventions

– How does an invention become an invention?

  • A world of technology that surprises and fascinates.
  • The story behind some of the most well-known technological breakthroughs
  • Hands-on activities to find out how the inventions work.

The Robot Arm

Visitors can experience how easy it is to program a robot. They build a labyrinth of small building blocks.  Then the visitors literally takes the robot arm by the hand and leads it through the labyrinth. The robot is now programmed to find its way through the labyrinth.

Visitors can also compete against the robot to find out who is the fastest to stack six sticks on top of each other.


The robot is fast and precise and learns easily

3D Sound


3D Sound

The visitor sits in a ’cockpit’ surrounded by buttons and wearing headphones. When one of the buttons lights up, a sound can be heard in the headphones. In the beginning, all the sounds are mixed up and can be heard in both ears so the visitor doesn’t get any help to determine where the sound comes from. Then the 3D sound is turned on and the sounds are played again in the headphones so the direction of the sound corresponds to where the buttons are located.

The Port of Ideas

Five display cases show how the ostomy bag was invented, via short videos, artefacts and questions. The visitor is invited to follow an inventor, observe, experiment and learn to see new opportunities in well-known objects.



  • The robot is fast and precise
  • The robot learns easily
  • Colouring agents
  • The pen that remembers – Novopen 5™
  • The pen with the soft touch – Flextouch™
  • Digital hearing instruments
  • Two ears are better than one
  • The generator
  • The blades
  • The new sound system
  • New window frames
  • Secrets of the catalyst
  • From waste to biogas and recyclable materials
  • From straw to biofuel
  • Catheters
  • Ostomy care products
  • Smell the ostomy pouch
  • Sound in the computer
  • Images in the computer
  • The anatomy of the computer
  • Power bank
  • Three sizes of speakers
  • From voice to current
  • See your voice on the wall
  • Binary numbers
  • The amplifier
  • The technology time machine
  • The horse messenger
  • The smartphone
  • The phone cable
  • From idea to invention


  • Age: 10+
  • Subject: Technology
  • Area: 550 m2