Photo: David Trood

The Construction Site

A crane, a conveyor belt and ball tracks in many forms. At the construction site, our youngest visitors pretend to work. They use mechanical principles to move, lift and lower – just as at a real construction site. They experience gravity, friction and speed on their own bodies while they are busy organizing their teams.

The Construction Site

  • Makes complicated science intuitive for young children.
  • Several fascinating ball tracks where parents and children can explore together.
  • Hands-on activities where young children can create their own learning activities.

The hoisting bike at the ball track.

The hoisting bike at the ball track

The pedals of the hoisting bike pulls on a conveyer belt that moves the balls to the top of the track. To get the conveyor belt moving the energy must be supplied by the visitor.

Visitors can experience the five components that set the balls moving on the conveyor belt: the child who supplies the energy, the pedals, the gears, the chain and the drum.


The wall track.

The wall track

On a slanted wall, visitors can construct their own ball track by putting small plates in the grooves. At the top corner, there is a tube to show visitors where to launch the ball. Otherwise, it is completely up the visitor to decide where the ball should move to and to build the track accordingly.

The ball race

Which balls are fastest when they are sent off at the same time – and what determines which ball wins? This exhibit consists of two slightly slanting panels with 4 tracks for small wooden balls. At the top of each track, there is a tube into which you can put the wooden balls. Two of the tracks have the same winding paths with different slopes, while the other two have different paths, but with the same slope.



  • The wall track 1
  • The wall track 2
  • Pull the handle and create sounds
  • Pull and find the orange mechanism
  • The crane
  • The hoistbike
  • The ball race


  • Age: 3+
  • Subject: Physics
  • Area: 150 m2

The ball race.