Photo: David Trood

The Idea Company

The Idea Company is closed.
The exhibition is designed as a factory that makes ideas. The exhibition area is divided into two parts. One has five activities that are devoted to generating ideas and visitors can train their brain using methods from the latest research on creative thinking. The other is a hands-on workshop where visitors develop ideas with real materials.

The Idea Company

  • Tinkering with your own ideas.
  • Developing innovation – how does the brain work?
  • An atmosphere of creativity and concentration.

The Idea Company

Visitors can choose between different tasks, and learn to create and build ideas. Cheap but surprising materials such as plastic forks, ear cleaners, straws, etc. can be used by children and adults. Visitors can take a photo of the finished idea on a special ‘photo machine’,  and can win a spot on the ’wall of fame’.  Ideally, the Idea Company should have instructors to help the visitors.

The Idea Machines

The Idea Machines.

The Idea Machines.

One part of the exhibition area consists of five digital exhibits where visitors can train the basic skills of creative thinking: associating, combining known materials or objects in new ways, and observing and raising questions.  Visitors are guided by the factory’s director (through a video) who lives in the machines and gives the visitors a ‘personal’ response based on their results at the machines.


Visitors need to guess which situations can make their partner (in the chair) relax so that he or she can think creatively. The selected pictures are played on the partner’s screen while the person holds a lie detector that registers which pictures he or she reacts to.



  • The Idea Workshop
  • The Guess Cabinets
  • The Brain Catch 1
  • The Brain Catch 2
  • The Habit Breaker
  • The Surprise Cabinet
  • Chomp an Idea
  • 5 Idea Machines:
    • BrainStart
    • MatchRun
    • WhyThat
    • Relax
    • FinishMachine


  • Age: 10+
  • Subjects: Engineer, Biology
  • Area: 500 m2
The factory's director lives in the machines (through video).

The factory’s director lives in the machines (through video).