Photo: David Trood.

The Interactive Film Theatre

Advanced tracking of visitors creates unique interactive stories. Together with other visitors, you create a surprising, personal and meaningful interactive experience in the film theatre. Exercise and health are the focus of this film. The aim of the experience is to motivate the audience to reconsider their daily health and exercise choices.

The Interactive Film Theatre

  • The world’s first cinema, where the audience interacts directly with the action.
  • Once you have bought the technology, new content can be produced.

Changing our habits

The primary target group is families with children aged 8 to 14. Research into family visits to a science centre, shows that the combination of children and adults together creates a great opportunity for dialogue and collaboration.

A family’s reason to visit a science centre is often to have quality time together as a family, and this exhibition offers an ideal space to discuss the challenges and possibilities of creating a healthy lifestyle.

Save Anna’s family from a too comfortable life

“The girl who wouldn’t sit still” is the first film produced for the interactive film theatre. During the film, visitors will get their pulse up when they have to save the main character’s family from a mystical fog. The film is challenging to the visitors’ physical abilities – they have to do things such as jump for their lives onto tree trunks in a raging river, which requires a lot of energy. The mystical fog will only disappear if visitors are active from the beginning to the end of the interactive film.

The technology behind the interactive film theatre

The main film and the digital interaction elements are led by 9 laser projectors and shown on the main screen and on the floor. The theatre’s main canvas is 20 m x 4,5 m and is installed at a 160 degree angle. The audience’s interactions during the film are registered by 7 Kinect cameras placed in the theatre. The running of the film and special effects happens through the Show Controle program and are fully automatic. All the technology is PC-based and runs on a Microsoft platform. The film’s audio is in digital 5.1.



  • Age: 8+
  • Subject: Biology
  • Area: 125 m2
  • 3D animated, produced in HD. 13 min. French, English and Danish.
  • Capacity: 4 – 20 people.
  • Produced in collaboration with Science North in Canada.