The Music Tunnel

Instructions provided to our not-Danish speaking audience.

The activity takes 12 minutes and consist of two parts, the analogue and the digital part. It is meant for groups of 2-4 persons. We advise not to bring children under eight years due to the headsets in the VR-section.

There is access when the screen at the entrance reports “come inside” and display a green lamp.

Press the white button inside the front compartment when it lights up. The sliding door opens.

Follow the light

Each music instrument is activated and ready for your playing, when it is lit. You will learn about the features of five groups of music instruments. Be active all of you! You will step by step be guided to all 10 instruments, and finally all instruments will be open for your own composition!

The instruments will go silent when the introduction to the next part of the experience takes place on the screen over a sliding door. The introduction is very easy to follow for you despite the Danish language. When it is finished just enter to the next room.

Help children with their VR-headsets before you apply your own. Adjust your headset and find the controller. The trigger is the only active button on the controller. The countdown is now in progress.

VR Kinisia comes in several parts, with small breaks, where the orchestra is included section by section. You are finished when the symphony ends with the entire orchestra, and the instruction in the headset shows you the location of the exit door.