Photo: David Trood

The Port

The Port focuses on global trade: how transport of raw materials and goods has changed production and consumption all over the world. The Port consists of three areas: A huge ball track, a ship and an oil platform.

The Port

  • An exhibiton that all seafaring nations can relate to.
  • A gigantic ball track that tells the story of global transport of cargo and CO2 emissions.
  • Visitors feel the strong forces of the sea.

Pull a tonne

This exhibit shows the physical differences between transport on the road, by rail and by sea. How difficult is it to move a tonne on different types of surfaces with different frictional resistance? The exhibit consists of three different areas where visitors can, by means of tug of war, feel the difference. The visitor can read his or her energy consumption on a screen and see how this corresponds to fuel consumption in the world.

Storm at sea.

Storm at sea.

Storm at sea

In the wind tunnel, visitors can experience different wind speeds on their own body. The rising storm can be followed on the Beaufort scale on the video wall, where the bridge of a container ship acts as a viewpoint for visitors. The wind speed in the tunnel is adapted to the different video sequences to give the visitor a realistic experience of a storm in the North Atlantic.

The Ball Track

The ball track simulates the global transport of goods and is set up as a game where many participants need to work together. A pully ensures that the balls are sent off using different means of transport. The balls symbolise goods that need to be processed correctly. Visitors learn more about CO2 emissions from different transportations.


  • Container
  • Ship simulator
  • Storm at sea
  • The battle of the seven seas
  • Pull a tonne with ship
  • Pull a tonne with lorry
  • Pull a tonne with train
  • The propeller pushes the ship
  • Crane at the quay
  • Ship puzzle
  • Will the ship capsize?
  • What is oil?
  • Where is the oil?
  • Mission off-shore 1
  • Mission off-shore 2
  • Get the oil
  • What is made from oil?
  • The giant ball track


  • Age: 6+
  • Subject: Physics
  • Area: 500 m2

The ball track.