Photo: David Trood

The Puzzler

The exhibition allows visitors to discover that mathematics is exciting, fun, and even achievable. Adults and children alike discover that they have the mental strength and ability to engage in mathematics.

The Puzzler

  • Time for in-depth and quiet contemplation in a lounge environment.
  • New versions of classic exhibits.
  • Problem-solving answers presented in visually and pedagogically.

Packing boxes with a reset.

Packing boxes with a reset

Visitors’ spatial intelligence is challenged when they place several small boxes inside one large box. The small boxes have holes in the sides so that they can be handled easily. In this new version, the same small boxes fit into two different large boxes. In this way, the visitors automatically re-set the exhibit for the next visitors, and the floor doesn’t get covered with boxes.

River crossing

In this classic exercise of mathematical logic, visitors receive a response when they make a mistake.River crossing. Visitors must transport a fox, a chicken, and a corn cob across the river. There is only room for one object on the ferry. The transport must take place in a certain order, so that the fox doesn’t eat the chicken, which mustn’t eat the corn, etc. when they are left on the bank.

The game board and its pieces have magnetic switches attached, which register where the objects are and turns on a light when they are positioned incorrectly.

Correct answers

The answers to the puzzles are shown as short films on an iPad. Visitors can pause the films whenever they want. In this way, a visitor can choose to get one clue at a time and experience the satisfaction of solving the rest of the puzzle themselves.



  • Triangle or square
  • Packing Parcels
  • Labyrinth on floor, and 15 small puzzles on tables:
  • Soma Puzzle
  • Tangram
  • Easy Puzzles 1 + 2
  • River crossing
  • Tri-Circles
  • Build a Pyramid
  • Circle and Square
  • Snake on Ladder
  • Question Mark
  • Key
  • Eights
  • Letter B
  • Padlock
  • Horseshoes
  • Scissors


  • Age: 10+
  • Subject: Math
  • Area: 125 m2

The answers to the puzzles are shown as short films on an iPad.