Science - the danish way

Get ready to explore science - the Danish Way!

At Experimentarium science is pure 'hygge'! It is fun, hands-on and intuitive - you simply jump right in! Our take on science is simple - you learn the best, when you are having fun!

Jump right in!

Children naturally come fully prepared for Experimentarium. And after a few minutes, adults grasp it too! Just jump into it! You do not have to know Danish - or English! Here science is playful, hands-on and intuitive. The children will be so busy having fun that they will not even notice that they are actually learning!


Science is pure 'hygge' at Experimentarium. Come as a family, a couple or a whole group and leave feeling closer! Experiment, laugh, dance and blow soap bubbles together. After a while you may notice that your smartphone is no longer in your hand, but in your pocket.

Hours of fun

Expect spending 3-5 hours here. But do not expect to explore all of Experimentarium in that time. We cannot even promise that you will get further than the first floor! But do expect to have a fabulous time and to learn something new.

It is easy to reach Experimentarium

Experimentarium is situated just 6 km from Central Copenhagen. Bus 1A will take you straight here. Hellerup and Svanemøllen S-train stations are very close and connect with bus 1A. Or why not go by bike?

Video: What do tourists think about Experimentarium?

One of World’s 100 Greatest Places

Experimentarium was in September 2018 appointed one of the World’s 100 Greatest Places by Time Magazine. Read full story.

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