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The Yeast Cell

Yeast and yeast cells have been humans’ friends for thousands of years. In the exhibition, visitors can learn how yeast cells play an important role in the production of food and medicine. Visitors can nurture a colony of huge yeast cells, and relax in the lounge area while flying through a lump of dough.

The Yeast Cell

  • Visitors learn about a fascinating and unknown micro-world.
  • An unconventional link between computer games and subject content.
  • An contemplative and quiet atmosphere.

Take good care of yeast cellsThe-Yeast-Cell-with-children

The exhibition area is dominated by large ‘yeast cells’ decorated in egg-shapes that light up and smolder as if they were alive.

Two of the yeast cells are interactive and are lined with touch sensors on the inside. When visitors rub the yeast cells, the effect of this can be read on a large projection on the wall. Visitors need to get water, heat and sugar for the yeast cells to make the cells on the projection start dividing.

If visitors manage to create a large colony after a few minutes, they receive a fanfare. If the yeast cells die, they must start over again.

An introduction to a world of yeast

An introduction to yeast and further explanations can be found on the walls of the exhibition. This is where visitors can follow a video loop that takes them on a trip into a lump of  rising dough. The trip ends at the yeast cells. You can read about the history of yeast from ancient times until today, set up as a giant cartoon magazine from the 50’s.



  • Age: 10+
  • Subject: Biology
  • Area: 50 m2


  • The Yeast Cell

An introduction to a world of yeast. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

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